IDE Associates is now in its 33rd year!   Originally founded by eight veteran data processing experts to provide computer services to businesses and organizations, IDE evolved with the times and, in 1993, began exploring the business feasibility of the then nascent World Wide Web.

By 1995 we developed software allowing us to program online, among various other applications,  market research surveys.  As a matter of fact, our very first online survey launched in 1995.

Since 1995 we have continuously enhanced our online survey programming software, adding to it a very robust real-time reporting package which oftentimes negates a client’s need to examine data with the more expensive tools such as SPSS and UNCLE.

And since our memorable first online survey, we have programmed and hosted thousands of online surveys.  Our clients have been both very small and very large market research firms, governmental and educational entities, and various other organization/business types.

We offer, in addition to programming and hosting, survey development, tabulations, verbatim coding and survey analysis.

And, for those clients that require it, all our surveys can be hosted in languages other than English.

For further information, please contact David Campbell at or call 781-447-4999 between 9am and 7pm (ET).